Research Lines

IoT-enabled energy internet

  • Software-defined Energy Networks
  • From packetized energy management to “networked microgrids”
  • Virtual microgrid as queueing system: Generation, consumption, and storage.
  • Adaptive grid protection and ultra-reliable low latency communications​
  • Agent-based governance models towards energy sharing


  • New waveforms and multiple access techniques for future communication systems (5G, 6G and beyond)
  • Event-based sampling and communications (traffic modeling)​
  • Energy efficiency in machine-type communications​
  • Intelligent metasurfaces

Industrial IoT

  • Multi-agent 3-layer model for data acquisition, fusion and analytics
  • Predictive maintenance with focus on rare events
  • Complex-system approaches for modelling and analysis​
  • LoRa in Industrial IoT​
  • Impact of delay/jitter in feedback control

Unmanned Aerial VehicleS

  • Swarms of UAVs as multi-agent cyber-physical systems
  • Communication-control joint design for autonomous robots
  • Situational awareness and machine learning
  • Energy-centric algorithms for managing swarms