Our team

Pedro Nardelli

Group Leader


Arun Narayanan (2019 – ONGOING)

  • Energy-centric supply and demand cyber-physical systems

Doctoral Students

Ali Esmaeel Nezhad (2021 – ONGOING)

  • Power system optimisation and energy management

Arthur Sousa de Sena (2019 – ONGOING)

  • Advanced wireless communication techniques

Daniel Gutierrez (2019 – ONGOING)

  • Anomaly detection in cyber-physical systems

Dick Carrillo MELGAREJO (2018 – ONGOING)

  • Wireless communications and machine learning for industrial applications

Majid Hussain (2019 – ONGOING)

  • Home Energy Management Systems and Energy Interet

Mehar Ullah (2019 – ONGOING)

  • Internet of Things and Energy Management Systems


  • Wireless communications in cyber-physical systems

Mohamed Korium (2021 – ONGOING)

  • Intrusion Detection Systems and Deep Learning for Autonomous Vehicles


  1. Florian Kühnlenz (2017 – 2020; University of Oulu): Analyzing Flexible Demand In Smart Grids. Now in energy2market (Germany)
  2. Fernanda Spada Villar (2018 – 2021; University of Campinas): Detection of appliances utilization patterns in residential installations using dimensionality reduction techniques. Now in Promon (Brazil)
  3. Mauricio de Castro Tomé (2017 – 2021; University of Oulu): Advanced electricity metering based on event-driven approaches (with honours). Now in Accenture (Brazil)
  4. Iran Ramezanipour (2017 – 2022; University of Oulu): Hybrid Spectrum Mechanism for Energy Vertical. Now in Nokia (Finland)

Master Students


  • Risto Toivakka (2020 – ongoing) – with Valtra: Remote control of tractors via 5G
  • Kari Runonen (2022 – ongoing) – with Doosolutions Oy: Industrial IoT demonstration system
  • Joona Heljälä (2022 – ongoing) – with Auramarine Ltd: Collecting and transmitting the data of ships’ fuel oil systems.


  1. Oleg Rogov (2022): Fault Detection in Diesel Engines using Deep Learning and QARMA algorithms
  2. Alexander Beattie (2022): Detecting temporal anomalies in time series data utilizing the matrix profile
  3. Juha-Jaakko Heiskari (2022) – with VTT : Computing paradigms for research: cloud vs. edge
  4. Vesa Mäki (2021) – with Vaisala: Feasibility Evaluation of LPWAN Technologies – Case Study for a Weather Station
  5. Joni Järvinen (2020) – with Empower: Definition of requirements for a control room diary application
  6. Juha Immonen (2020) – with Teknoware Oy: Cost-factors in IoT platforms
  7. Tuomo Hörkkö (2020) – with Digita: Quality assurance of LoRaWAN base station antennas using measurement data
  8. Jouni Meisaari (2020) – with Sandvik: Utilizing Lean for analysing IIoT investments in mining
  9. Pekka Räsänen (2020): Event-driven approach for Tennessee Eastman process
  10. Ellina Shchurovskaya (2020): Dispatch optimization of energy communities for collective provision of network congestion management
  11. Juha Närvä (2020): Governance models for IoT-based Energy Internet using a multi-agent approach
  12. Janne Kauppi (2019) – with Outotec: The benefits and feasibility of IoT in mining equipment : tracking of consumable components in industrial filters
  13. Askar Serikov (2018): EcoFeed: a better energy consumption feedback system
  14. Sohail Wahid (2018): Assessing electric vehicles charging via packetized management systems

Bachelor students and trainees


  • Assoc. Prof. Mehdi Rasti (LUT Foudantion / MORE SIM / STREAM, 2021-2022): Energy efficient communications
  • Dr. Jules Moualeu (LUT Foundation, Spring 2019): Energy harvesting and physical-layer security in machine-type communications
  • Assoc. Professor Daniel Benevides da Costa (Nokia Visiting Professor, Winter 2019): Energy efficiency in machine-type communications
  • Assist. Professor Renan Moioli (ee-IoT project): Neuroscience-based methods for energy efficient IoT communications