Welcome to CPSG

This page has been developed to disseminate the activities we are carrying out mostly at LUT University, and partly in the 6G Flagship at University of Oulu. When I arrived here a bit more than 4 years ago, I had basically no one to work with and kept doing things I was doing. However, in my first year, I was luck to get two projects accepted so the team has grown a bit more. In 2019, my 5-year Academy of Finland Research Fellow proposal to build the Energy Internet was approved and other projects followed! Besides, teaching activities are nice, all my courses are doable remotely, even before COVID-19 times. Many master students are associated with some of our activities. We also have outreaching activities related to FITech that provides free courses to persons in Finland. All in all, now we are several full-time researchers, some visitors, and several local, national and international collaborators.

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